Saturday, December 8, 2007

Death Valley Half Marathon

So I started training in May...not really believing that I would ever be able to run more than 6 miles, let alone 13. My fabulous Omaha running partner, Danielle, and I made a valiant attempt at training, but the heat, humidity, and upcoming move to Vegas dampened our efforts. I found out right away when moving here, that there are LOTS of runners in our neighborhood, they even have a Mountains Edge (our master community name)Running Team. I found a fantastic group of 4 other girls that invited me to run, one in particular (Christa Watson) that was exactly my tempo. So we started really training in September, running at 6 AM 4-5 mornings a week. Slowly we inched up our mileage and when got up to 10 miles one morning, I finally had confidence that I would finish the race.

8 girls from my area drove down to Death Valley (about 2 1/2 hours away) last Friday. Danny and the kids came to support me. We carb loaded the night before, then ran the race Saturday morning. It was BEAUTIFUL weather. Cool enough to start out. There were more hills than I expected, but overall it was a great course. Christa and I kept our normal pace, and actually beat our estimated time. We came in at 2 hours 13 minutes and felt fantastic about it. I can say now that I am addicted, and I am already planning a few big races for next year...anyone want to join me?


Amy said...

I didn't know you'd started already! Wahoo!

The Palmer Family said...

How are YOU? I was sooo glad to get your email letting me know you have a blog! So, you left Omaha too..huh? We miss it but we love it in Idaho! We lived in St. George for 7 mo. before we moved here...Travis had his last 2 clinicals there. Is Danny working at UNLV or what? Email me sometime and catch me up! or
Take care,

Griffin's in Japan said...

It's nice to have more runners in the family! Good for you. You did great. I will be home in August and plan to do the provo river 1/2 marathon with Emily, want to join?


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