Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Dreaded Black Boots

With some hesitancy, but some prompting, I have to share this story. I was recently shopping for the perfect black boot. I was at the mall trying some on when my phone rang. It was Danielle, and we had been playing phone tag for a week, so I answered it as I was zipping up a cute pair of boots (the exact ones as the above picture. Cute, right?). As we were talking, I realized that these boots were a bit too tight on my "walking calf" as my sister says, so I tried to unzip, but the zipper got stuck right at the thickest part of my calf. I couldn't go up, I couldn't go down. Since I was talking on the phone, I couldn't really use both hands, so I sat nonchalantly on the bench chatting on the phone. After hanging up, I tried with all of my strength, but that darn zipper was so stuck on the lining. I swear I worked at it for 10 whole minutes before I had to go ask the clerk (quite sheepishly) for help. We were able to slip off the boot from my prickly leg (actually slip is too kind of a word) and then the guy was able to get the zipper down.
Now that is humiliating enough, but the story does not end there...oh no. About a week later, I was at a different mall...though same shoe store, again looking at boots. I tried on a really cute pair and realized I had tried these on before. Want to know when I realized it? Yep, you guessed it. When it got stuck halfway up my blasted walking calf! I had to laugh to myself because of my stupidity.
Needless to say, I decided against getting black boots for this year.


I am so bad about getting pictures off my camera and doing something with them. Here are a few great shots from Christmas. Our very quick nativity...our sheep had wandered off. My sisters and I showing off our bling. Isabelle is so glad to finally have the same number of girl and boy grandkids in the Pett family. Such a darling picture of all three of them.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Fantastic Christmas

We couldn't have asked for a better Christmas Holiday. We got to spend a few days in Caliente with the Youngs, then go up to SLC for a week of WHITE Christmas. The kids were thrilled to play in the snow, and they did! We enjoyed the first ever Pett family talent show...quite hillarious. Had a great turn out at our Boxing Day open house, where we got to see the DeLongs, the Flittons, my dear friend DanaLee, and a lot of our family friends.

My new neice Lucy is so precious, we all took turns holding that tiny bundle of sweetness.

The rest of the week was filled with cards and games (especially our new Catch Phrase and Scene It) Our visit to the DeLongs new clinic and home in the Layton area was so fun-especially because they let Danny and I both shoot the moon in Hearts! One highlight was the crazy out of the blue run in to the Koeppens at IKEA as my sister and I were going in the out and they were checking out. I wanted to cry when I saw Nancy there, looking fabulous as ever. I am sure it wasn't just coincidence.
Of course I don't have any pictures on my computer yet, but I promise to have some soon!


Danny and Friends Mountain Biking