Friday, February 29, 2008

Red Rock

I have to say one of our favorite things about Las Vegas is being so close to the mountains.  Red Rock is only 15 minutes from us and it has provided some great entertainment and exercise.
  There are so many different trails to hike, we have only scratched the surface, but we have found one that we love.  It is pretty vigorous, including some serious bouldering up rocks to get to the peak where you can see out over the
 whole valley, including the Strip.  It is surreal to be in such a serene environment, yet so close to society.  We have taken many friends and
 family, at least to drive the 13 mile loop.  Here are just a few great pics.   Isn't it gorgeous.  Come visit and bring your hiking shoes.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

One Bad Apple

We got our iMac about 18 months ago, and think it is quite fantastic.  Ever since we got the Airport extreme wireless router, funky things have been going on with the computer.  We have taken it in, wiped it clean, reinstalled, and still quite often it will freeze in the middle of something important!  To boot, Danny's MacBook Pro has had some issues too, so I think I am 100 emails behind, and haven't blogged for a month.  So not only do we have one bad Apple, but we now have two and it's spoiling the whole bunch girl!  


Danny and Friends Mountain Biking