Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday in Shanghai

I will take you through our journey backwards (since that is how the pictures loaded and I am too tired tonight to change them.)We had a fantastic day in Shanghai with Amber Xiang. She works for one of Mr. Tang's companies here, and she is so sweet and fun. Her english is great and we enjoyed the day with her. We did NOT however, enjoy our dinner. It was kind of like a chinese buffet, but you only go through once, and pay for what you got--so more like a cafeteria. We thought it would be good because we could see what the food looked like, and pick from a HUGE variety. However, we made some poor choices, nothing too outrageous, just "not tasty"! (Our new favorite phrase, coined by one of our guides the other day!)

This place was amazing. The area is called Yuyuan and it is near the City of God Temple. It dates back to the 1800s when the area became more of a market place. The architecture is so great, and there are hundreds of shops-anything you want, you will find (Even a Starbucks) It was so clean and beautiful that Danny even enjoyed a bit of shopping. More fun at night because it is all lit up.

Danny spent quite a bit of time picking out some really nice chopsticks to bring home. So polish up your skills if you are invited to eat at our house next time!

We went to the Shanghai museum and saw all of the brass carved relics. Really cool stuff.

This is the People's Square. Several museums, opera hall, huge mall, etc.

We went to an urban planning museum that was interesting for a (few minutes). This was a model of all of Shanghai, so you can get an idea of how massive it is. The skyscrapers go on and on!

This was the beginning of the day at the train station. Danny got his shoes polished for about 50 cents. The lady said we should pay her extra because they were the biggest feet she had ever seen! Especially in his Birkenstocks!

So, ending at the beginning makes me more exhausted. This picture seems like it was taken yesterday, but it was just this morning! More tomorrow! Also, thanks for all of your comments and emails. It is exciting for us to wake up each morning to have some correspondence from family and friends at home!


Karen said...

I am sorry I haven't checked out your blog until now. You are going to be so glad that you have all of the pictures and journaling together from your trip. Isn't technology awesome! You guys are on the other side of the world - you can journal and upload your pictures so that we can all see what you are doing day by day and in the end you have a record for yourselves and you have contact from us back in america.
We miss you! I am so glad you went. "A trip of a lifetime" I don't think that I would be too excited about the food. When I pick you up from the airport we can stop at in and out. Kudos for you running.
Enjoy your trip and I am glad you are still excited to watch the babe!
Isabelle misses you. She will be so excited to see you. Hopefully Caliente will be a good diversion.

Perry Family said...

What a fun day you had!! I love the picture of the shoe shine...unbelievable!! This has turned out to be an unforgettable trip...and how wonderful to write most of the days out with pictures, a great story to tell over and over again!


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