Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fun stuff in Wujiang

Where in the world do you think they would identify handicapped bathrooms as being "For Cripples"? China of course.

The garbage cans in the city all have one for normal trash and one for recycling. Some of the time it will say "organic" on one and "inorganic" on the other however we weren't quite sure what to put in this can marked "organism". The translation on signs into English continues to amuse us. You can also see the man in the gray shirt standing behind the garbage can. He was a relentless beggar with his pan shaking in my face. We had to run around in circles to get him behind the can so we could get the picture we wanted.

This is Wujiang park skate rink. We have walked by a couple of times at night. They rent roller skates at the building there and some people bring their own roller blades. It seems to be a bit of a teenager hangout but a very peaceful one at that.

This is a nice plaque at the main entrance to Wujiang park that talks about the park development. This city is really growing with lots of new development and it looks like most of it began in the mid to late 90's

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