Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Bit Busy...and Tired

It was so great to have so many friends follow our blog during our trip to China. Everyone has told us that they felt like they got to have a bit of our Chinese experience. It made it more meaningful for us to share it with everyone while we were away.

Since we got back 3 weeks ago, you can imagine I have been a bit busy playing catch-up...and also training for the most grueling half marathon I have run!

It was at Valley of Fire state park...which was beautiful, and it was PERFECT weather. But, the whole race was a series of hills. Steep ones. I finished with my second fastest time, which should feel like an accomplishment, but right now it is tainted by how difficult it was! Taylor ran the last 100 yards with me.

This is a group all from our Mountains Edge Running/Cycling team. It is so great to have a group to train with and share in the experience!

There were also 3 of our friends that ran the 10K portion of the race, but were gone before we finished. Good job to all of my is time for the HOT TUB!


Perry Family said...

Wonderful job!! So proud of you all! Seeing those pics make me sad that I missed it, but I just couldn't run with this darn infection.
Book club was great! Thanks for hosting it!

Kath said...

Good job, Suz! I think it should feel like an even bigger accomplishment because it was so hard! Can't wait to see you Wed!

Amber and Jon said...

Nice work Suzanne. I am sure that Danny finished right behind you although I did not see any pictures of him.


Ben said...

Hey Young family!!! I miss you guys and hope that you are doing well. I don't know if I ever sent this to you, but here is where you can keep up on us (assuming we have time to post).


Danny and Friends Mountain Biking