Monday, January 26, 2009

January Brrr Project

My computer time has been a bit occupied lately with a little thing called Facebook! I just created a profile at the end of December and I have been amazed at all the old friends I have connected with. Since I haven't lived in Salt Lake for 17 years (besides summers) I haven't kept track of many people. What a unique tool to connect us all! So now it's time to get back to the blog world.

Here are some photos from our fun time in the snow. Taylor is doing a "January Brrrr Project" on winter and we had to pick our favorites!

We took the kids to Brighton Ski Resort. The boys snowboarded and the girls were on skis.
This was Taylor's second time and I was thrilled to see how well he did.

It was Isabelle's first time and she picked it up pretty quick and had a lot of fun.

We had to really be bundled and huddled together up the lifts...brr it was cold.

Isabelle and Katya (my neice) had so much fun building the "no-man". Katya lives in San Diego, so this was really a treat for her.

Taylor, Curtis, Noah and Isabelle labored for several hours, with tremendous help from Danny to build the coolest snow fort. Danny shoveled the six inches of snow off this whole deck in my parents back yard. It took him over an hour to shovel it and dump it all in one spot. Then the kids got to work with shovels and kitchen utensils to tunnel through.

I just love this picture because I am stylin' with my mom's famous H&R Block Green boots! But they kept my toes warm! Also, you can't see the other hand, but I have 2 right hand gloves on...all we could find under the stairs!


Danny and Friends Mountain Biking