Tuesday, June 9, 2009

April...a bit late!

Here are a few late highlights of April:


I went for a girls road trip to SLC and ran one of the most fun races to date. We had a team dinner the night before at mom and dad's house and stayed up way to late giggling. A few of us almost missed the Trax to get up to the U, and when we did get up there, couldn't find our running partners...but it was SUCH a great race. Perfect weather, lots of crowds to cheer us on, great course, etc. It was the first time my parents and sister have seen me race. Hopefully I have inspired them to do it with me next year. After I was done, I was ready to do it again the next week...it really was that much fun!

This is me passing through Sugar House, close to my sisters' house. My 7 year old nephew ran down the street with me and yelled to his friends, "That's my aunt!"

It is so much more fun to run with friends. Some were cheering for me when I came through, others I cheered for when they came through. What great memories!

Karen, Miranda, Me, Amy, Marissa (just half of our Mountains Edge team that ran the race)

Amy Simmons, Miranda, Christa, Cheryl, Karen, Marci, Suzanne (after a yummy breakfast)


All of the Young family came to stay at our house for several days. Mark and Rosy came from Orlando for a vacay, and Vegas is a good meeting place for everyone else. It was quite convenient that they were all here for Tay's big day. He was thrilled that everyone was there, and that he got new Heelies. He has been waiting for a long time.

Marissa took family pictures for us. It was freezing cold and windy, and no one was prepared for bad weather, so the little girls had a hard time. I will post some of the other awesome pictures next time!


Marci Morgan said...

I love that you just blogged this event as well! I love the picture of you girls!!! Sooo cute. I can hardly wait for next year to do it again!!!

Shoecrazy said...

Hey Youngs! This is a gorgeous picture of one of my very favorite families. I can't believe how big your kids are. We miss so many from Lincoln county and have such fond memories! Dying laughing at Taylor's bus with the "cool poles" I have got to rent one of those! Only in Vegas!


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