Sunday, July 19, 2009


Isabelle has had a lot of fun the past few months. She had a darling recital. Her group performed a jazz/tap routine and were great to watch.

She had a fun time at field day and finished 2nd grade with high marks on everything!

She swam:


and ran her way through her 2nd kids triathalon.

She didn't place in her age category and was a bit bummed because she said, "I felt so confident." She did her best and was so determined in doing it. I love that about her. She may be the only other family member that will continue to compete in races like me!

Isabelle has seen all of her cousins in the past few months and is always so patient with them. She is the oldest girl cousin and always tries to set a good example, even though all the boys are closer to her age.

Isabelle is a very fun cousin to Matilda (above) and Katya (below)


Perry Family said...

Isabelle is the sweetest ever! I still wish I was in achievements days to be with her and all the other fun girls!

My Favorite Petts said...

Thanks for the update Suz - we look forward to 'in person' visit this week. Hope to create some fun memories as well.

Kari said...

She is such a beautiful young lady! You have done well! Miss you guys!

Michelle and Andrew said...

what a nice girl you have...and a great singer in primary! i want sydney to grow up and be like her, but i think she is a little too sassy and we'll just have to wait and see!


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