Sunday, July 19, 2009


Taylor has had a busy couple of months...

He turned 11 and had ALL of 19 of the Youngs there! It was quite a celebration with his favorite present ever (he says that about every present) his long awaited Heelies!

His best friend in the whole world, Wiley Jacob, came on a surprise visit from Omaha. These two are "brothers from another mother" as they like to say and picked up where they left off like they were together every day. They played in ookalaka land, played video games, stayed up late laughing and sleeping in a twin bed together like they were still 5!

Taylor fell in love with another cousin. We had a great weekend trip to San Diego for the 4th of July for her blessing. Taylor is the oldest cousin on both sides and thus is the "protector"! So tender.

He enjoyed his last field day at William Wright Elementary school...

and will be heading to MIDDLE SCHOOL next month! He looks thrilled about it, you can see.

Most recently he went to the most "awesome" birthday party the other night for Carson and Connor Brown. They got to ride in a stretch hummer down the strip, but that wasn't the best got a flat tire and so they got to be picked up by the "Rock Star Party Bus"...equipped with leopard print seats, a disco ball that came from the ceiling and, as he put it, "these fun polls you can swing around on". Wowzers! He said it has been a long time since he danced that good. You can see him in the red shirt in the back getting jiggy with it!

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Perry Family said...

Oh, that's so funny about having a flat tire and getting a new party bus...too funny!
I can't believe he's a middle schooler!


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