Saturday, July 30, 2011

Day 2

Here is the restaurant from last night. It was pouring rain as we were leaving, so we didn't take any pictures. This area was surrounded by camp grounds...some of them seemed like permanent residences...tiny little campers with tents built right out from them.

The Holiday Inn had an interesting breakfast buffet. Taylor really loved the croissants with jam. I think they wanted to fool people into drinking whole milk by calling it 3.5%!
There was an interesting array of meats and cheeses for breakfast. Nutella spread, yogurt and granola with chocolate were some of our favorites.

Instead of "planking" the new fad is "owling" Taylor is displaying a perfect owl pose in the Frankfurt train station.


Willingham"s said...

I am enjoying the travel log very much! keep it coming! glad you guys are having a good time

gamine said...

i just learned about "planking" tonight from the Marsh girls via Aunt Terry. I'm so not hip. But Tay makes a great owl! I loved the meat and cheese european breakfasts!


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