Saturday, July 30, 2011


The Main River in Frankfurt. There was a foot bridge that took us across the river.
The weather was quite lovely in the afternoon. We enjoyed walking all over downtown looking at the sights.
On this bridge there were hundreds of padlocks, many of them are engraved with people's names. There were a lot with a man and woman's name and a wedding date. We saw other bridges with the same thing!

This was the coolest part of Frankfurt. It is called Romerberg, and is located in the city hall square.
Taylor was sure this was a good place to try another "wurst". This time it was a beef bratwurst and was much more like he was expecting! It was a huge one sold with a hard roll and mustard.
There were several beautiful churches here, and we could go inside most of them.

When we first walked into this square, we all kind of got excited realizing we were actually in Germany! It was neat to see the detail in each building. There was a lot of construction going on to restore other buildings around this area. There were several restaurants and souvenir shops in the bottom parts of all these buildings.

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gamine said...

there were padlocks all along the lover's lane path in the Cinque Terra in Italy. Symbolized a couple's commitment or something like that. How fun to see it in Germany too!


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