Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A day at the Eiffel Tower

Our last full day in Paris, we decided to sleep in, enjoy a leisurely morning, and spend the day at the Eiffel Tower. It was a warm day, and the lines were HOURS long to go to the top, and we decided we would much rather spend the time in the parks around the tower, than climbing to the top.

This was our first close up view:

There is a mall about a mile long from a building on one side of it to a park on the other. We had such an enjoyable, relaxing time watching people, eating crepes, playing on the playground and taking TONS of photos.
Isabelle said "In movies and TV, they always make it seem so romantic, but really it is just a big tower with lots of tourists walking around." Sorry that her image of romance was shattered!
It was so great sitting in the shade relaxing all afternoon.

I wanted to stay there until the lights came on, and it was worth the wait. It is such an iconic structure, and we were constantly reminding each other "hey, we are at the Eiffel Tower!!!"

Of course Tay couldn't miss this opportunity to plank!
We feel like our life is complete!


My Favorite Petts said...

What a magical time this seems to be. Such great memories and we are so glad you are sharing so much with us, as well and keeping a very good journal. Love you all.

Anonymous said...

You trip looks A-mazing! I love all the places you are going to and the pictures are awesome! Way to go, Youngs! Love you all <3

- marina

Chad said...

I didn't realize that there would be that many tourists there. I mean, I knew there would be some; just not that many! Loved the pictures!


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