Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Goodbye Amsterdam (Saturday, Aug 5)

We have gotten a few days behind on blogging...you will see why once you see how packed our days in London have been! Here is the last night in Amsterdam. We had seen lots of people all week eating these french fries out of paper cones, usually with a big huge blob of white sauce (basically mayo). We just had to try it, minus the mayo. They were steaming hot, which was nice, because it started raining. And they were YUMMIOSO! Can you see that the cone is bigger than my head? Of course we shared!
Here is 24 Cabralstraat where we stayed for the past 5 nights. It was right around the corner from a big grocery store and a very convenient tram line.The main bedroom:Tiny bathroom, the shower is in the same space as the sink and toilet (right next to the sink). The shower curtain was actually in the door frame, so you could do all of your bathroom duties (haha) at the same time!
This is the front room where the kids slept on the pull out futon bed. It was actually quite comfy. It was nice to have a big table and chairs because we made many of our meals at home.
This is obviously the kitchen, which is just a small hallway of a room. There was a tiny fridge, a small compact dishwasher (IKEA), that surprisingly held lots of dishes! Then there was a MASSIVE nice oven with 6 gas burners. The microwave and small freezer were out on the patio. Kind of crazy set up!
There was a backyard with a covered patio and some grass, but we had to kick the cat out of the apartment for the week, so that was his domain, and it rained too much to enjoy it!

Once we figured out the tram and bus system, we were rarely lost and could make it from place to place with ease! It is a great system that runs down the middle of the roads, buses go on the same tracks, cars can go on each side of the tram, and then there is a whole lane for bikes on EVERY ROAD! It would be a great place to have our bikes. SO many of the bikes look as old as my dad's bike from the 1960s, but it doesn't seem to matter, they just keep riding them.

We feel so blessed that we had the opportunity to be in Holland. We wish we could have gone to some of the other areas of Holland, but we did take the train through some of the beautiful country side.

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