Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Last Day of London

Here is our London home: 24 Chudleigh Road in Lewisham. There was a nice backyard with a garden and we were happy to have delicious fresh tomatoes and blackberries. We have really enjoyed having a kitchen in these apartments to prepare meals. It is nice after a day in the city to come back to a home and relax in the living room, and have a freshly prepared dinner. We just had to walk around the corner to get to the bus stop and it was quite convenient!
We saved the "Changing of the Guard" for the last day, which was not great, because it was quite rainy. I guess that thinned the crowds a little bit, but there were still hundreds of people there.It occurred to me that they do this every single day and have this kind of crowd to deal with. We were standing up on a wall to see, which was a good vantage point, but we couldn't see what they were doing when they were actually "changing the guard".
But it was really cool to see them march by and have the band playing. The ceremony lasts for more than 30 minutes, and the police have to block of traffic and pedestrians off and on the whole time. Seems too much of a hassle for my practical self!
After we watched that, we stopped at a store we saw at one of the train stops. We were curious about it, so we got off and went in. It was ASDA which is part of the Walmart family. I can actually say I was giddy as we walked in and saw some similarities of our modern conveniences of a "super center". We were able to get some things that we couldn't find at any of the other local markets like microwave popcorn and cheap sweat pants for me!
Our week in London left us satisfied and exhausted!

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