Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Monday in Amsterdam

This was a really beautiful building in the middle of the city which, upon closer inspection, we realized was a movie theater.Can you really take enough pictures of canals in Amsterdam? It was warm but Taylor was so excited about his hat he kept putting it on especially for pictures.
Such beautiful architecture with the bridges and buildings along the water. With that and Suzanne, Danny almost looks tolerable :-)
We just loved it when we would get up on one of these bridges and could look down and see. In so many cities you don't get these views because the streets just run into each other. The canals really open things up so you don't feel closed in.
This is a great picture to show the contrast between very classic and older buildings right next to more modern ones. This is right on the Amstel canal, one of the main ones running through town.
This is right where Taylor bought his hat. Mostly he was excited about showing his friends and his anticipated reaction from them. Fun to see him growing up and being more interested in how he looks, even if it's just to look different :-)
This was lunch at The Pancake Bakery which is just down the street from the Anne Frank house (which was also really worth seeing). We got sweet and savory "Dutch Pancakes" which are just thicker crepes. Isabelle had Pofferjtes which were also delicious. Taylor and I also had omlettes and when you add in drinks we spent . . . well with tip €60,00. Way too much for pancakes and eggs. The rest of the week we will be eating at home :-)

Do those walls look straight to you? Unless the contact high we had from all the marijuana smokers effected the camera too those wall are waving like a flag in the wind.
This was a really fun open market where anything you like could be found. One of the coolest was the food and what can be better than good dutch cheese?
This is just a shot of the open market so you can get a feel for how long and crowded it was.
There were even things to interest Taylor and Isabelle, like these little music box players.

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