Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Saturday in London

Saturday we wanted to just wander around the city and get our bearings. It was a very busy day in the city. I can't imagine how crazy and packed it will be next year during the Olympics here since it is already such a busy tourist city. The architecture in London is incredible. It is hard to remember to take time and look up!
Trafalgar square is one of the places I remember going when I was in London many years ago. I thought it was a good place to people watch and take some photos!

Danny was not keen on climbing up for a picture on the lion, but I told him everyone has to do it! There is a photo somewhere of my sister Amy and I in the same place!

Admiralty Arch on "The Mall"
Our first real British lunch was at a pub right next to Trafalgar Square. The ambiance was really cool and the pub had been around for over 100 years.
The food, however was sub-par, so my fish and chips were not what I had hoped for!
Isabelle did like her Bangers and Mash (Sausage and mashed potatoes)

When we got our metro passes, we also bought The London Pass, which allows you entrance into over 100 different venues in London. We decided we needed a 3 day pass which cost about 60 pounds each for adults, kids were cheaper. We wanted to make sure we got our moneys worth, so we mapped it all out Sauturday and Sunday and came up with a plan to start on Monday. Soon you will see why we are behind on blogging, because we have packed A TON in during the last 3 days. More tomorrow!

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