Monday, August 1, 2011

Traveling from Frankfurt to Amsterdam

What a cute girl on the train from Utrecht to AmsterdamTaylor was feeling sick so we got him a double latte to try and make him feel better :-) Just kidding it was hot chocolate that we got in the Frankfurt station before boarding this speedy train to Utrecht. Not kidding about Taylor, he was feeling under the weather. Seems like a pattern with him to get sick on our vacations!
This is one of the first things you see after coming out of the Centraal Station in Amsterdam. You can see that the same gray weather from Germany followed us to the coast :-)
This is the Centraal Station in Amsterdam; really a beautiful old building. We ate at Burger King as soon as we got off the train as it had been nearly 6 hours since we had eaten in Germany. The dining area was decorated with beautiful carved oak, it had to be the best looking Burger King dining area anywhere!
This is nearly 30 minutes of Isabelle shooting the train we were on from Frankfurt to Utrecht. There are some great moments of the nice 1st class cabin we rode in, the beautiful countryside, and her being a spontaneous girl singing to her ipod!

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