Tuesday, October 28, 2008


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Mr Sun (runs the Foundation in China), Stella Liang (runs all of the Foundations world wide and lives in Las Vegas) Mr. Cyrus Tang (Entrepreneur and Philanthropist)

The Cyrus Tang Foundation Motto:


Mr. Tang came to America in 1950, attended college and started a small steel business. It has grown into a many very successful businesses.

A tour of SKD, (automotive tooling) one of the businesses that is in 4 countries worldwide.

From the beginning, Mr. Tang wanted to find ways to give back to society and help others also to serve.

The Cyrus Tang Foundation is just one of three foundations. The main focus is education, especially to those in rural areas.

This darling little girl in rural China has a sign that says that she doesn't want to be different from the children in the city, she wants to go to school. The Foundation, CTF, has helped to build hundreds of schools in Rural areas. There is also training for teachers, and adults in the area to keep the school running.


Mr Tang always gets the local government involved in the process, and now the national government has taken over the plans and is rebuilding rural schools on its own...which is part of the goal is to help others become self sufficient.

Now most of the focus is on scholarships. Hundreds of college, high school and primary school scholarships are given each year. The main requirement for these scholarships is that the recipient has to find ways to serve and give back. Many of the college students become mentors for the young children in rural areas. They write letters telling the young children how important going to school is. They provide good examples of what an education can do.

The main purpose for Mr Tangs' 6 week long trip is to have reunions with all of the alumni from the college scholarship program (they all call him "Grandpa"). He told us tonight that it is the most rewarding thing to come and see the success stories of those that were recipients, and also hearing the stories of the ways those people were able to give back.

This is only a small portion of his contributions. He does these things quietly, without a lot of name recognition. He would rather others get credit. It has been so inspiring to be here with him these two weeks and see some of what he has done. What an example to follow of the "Best kind of giving".

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Amy said...

truly inspiring!

Perry Family said...

how wonderful for him to be so giving, sharing his wealth and success...heaven knows its so needed!

Kath said...

What a great example Mr Tang is!

Anonymous said...

Suzanne and Danny
This is amazing! I am sure you will come home and read and reread all these wonderful experiences for years to come. I am so glad that you are sharing with us.

Love Mom

Anonymous said...

Hi Suzanne and Danny,
I'm missing your kids so I called and talked to Chad. I'm impressed by your blog and all of your experiences there in China. Mr Tang is also very impressive. You two need to give him some great physical therapy to keep him healthy and continue do all he does. We're looking forward to seeing you at Thanksgiving. Love Dad Pett

Chad said...

Wonderful! Wonderful!


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