Saturday, October 18, 2008

The FOOD in China

So many of you (including myself) wondered how I would do with the food. So far, Danny has done just fine...and I have to say I have fared pretty well myself. The above picture is of us at a nice restaurant with our tour guide Jessica and our driver. The menu had english under the chinese so I could point out some things I would like. Our friends did all of the ordering, and the food dishes kept coming. It is always served "family style" as we would say, so we got to try a bit of everything. There was some vegetable I hadn't had before that was really yummy, some soup, some sweet and sour pork, which was good, and a lot like what we are used to, a chicken and green pepper dish that was delicious, and a few other dishes. Against Danny's nature, there is often food left on the table after eating.

The other night, we went to eat with Mr Tang, Stella and Mr. Sin (who is from WuJiang) Mr Sin ordered for us and it was a bit less appealing fare. I drank some cucumber juice, which at first was nice and refreshing, but served room temperature was hard to finish the whole glass, but they kept refilling it. Danny downed his quickly and then asked for a different drink. A lot of the dishes were tofu, which I can handle a bit, and some large fish served whole, Mr Sin ate both the heads and I was grateful to him for that.

Last night, we went to the grocery store. It was really a nice clean big store, but we could not find much of what we would want to eat or we just didn't recognize what it was. Here are some of the favorites. WHOLE COLD CHICKENS...just laying there featherless with heads and feet. Right next to it was the feet-which they like in all different flavors, and is found next to the beef jerkey section vaccum sealed.

I had to quickly walk through the meat department because it all made me dry heave. Then there was a little aquarium section...oh cute little froggies and turtles...TO EAT! Live fish, eels, squid, crabs, in all different varieties.

Next are some photos of the breakfast buffet at the hotel. I might be a bit more adventurous here, but for breakfast, it is hard to think of eating fried rice and preserved (black and foul looking) hard boiled eggs. We both had some pork dumplings (delicious-even at 8:00 AM) and noodles.

Last, here was something we could not stomach: The sign made up our mind "Small dumpling with fermented glutinous rice". So, to answer the questions on your mind, we are managing the food, but I don't know how long it can last! Luckily there is always fresh fruit in our apartment!


Griffin's in Japan said...

Welcome to Asia!! We can really relate to a lot of the things you have written about. (You know it is bad when McDonald's sounds like the best food option.) We have been here so long now though that we have forgotten what we thought was weird at first. Keep posting because we want to hear all of your adventures!

Chad said...

Man am I glad I'm eating Mom's good cooking--you know me and my weak stomach when it comes to food or anything I don't like the smell of. I WOULD have been HEAVING! :-)


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