Friday, October 24, 2008

A Little Potty Humor

This is a photo of one of the public bathrooms in an outdoor shopping mall. They don't seem to try to hide the urinals out of you can see Danny standing there (luckily on the other side of the wall). The women's restrooms are a lot of fun too, because they have "squatter toilets", it's like a toiletbowl in the ground...and toilet paper seems to be optional depending on the place you go. I have gotten quite well at it, thank you very much, but try to limit my usage to our "western toilet" at our apartment!

Here is a HILLARIOUS story that I didn't write the other day. While I was getting my facial at the very girly salon, Danny was out in the waiting area--for the full two hours. Thinking I surely would be coming out any time soon, he didn't want to go too far away to use a public bathroom, so he tried to ask the girl at the desk if they had one there that he could use. He got the dictionary out and kept pointing to "bathroom"..wondering why it seemed like such an odd request. The girl was looking soo flustered. Finally he walked out and found one in the outdoor mall.

Later, when he told Stella about it, she LAUGHED and LAUGHED. She told Danny that he was asking the poor girl if he could take a BATH at the girly salon. No wonder she was so flustered. He should have asked where a TOILET was, and it would have made much more sense. We still laugh about it every time we pass that salon!


Amy said...

Danny - don't you know you are supposed to kneel at those urinals? If not kneel, at least do a plie!!

Staying Young in Vegas said...

HILLARIOUS, AIMES! I am glad you have such a good memory to remind us of all of the funnies of the past.

Perry Family said...

I know all too well about the bathroom issues and the lack there of! Isn't it so weird that they don't have as much decency as Americans? That part always was so confusing to me. I'm sure deep down Danny really wanted to take a bath at the girly salon! :) Those fopas are quite funny!


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