Sunday, October 26, 2008

More of Shanghai

I didn't get all of our day in Shanghai posted the other day. Amber, our guide for the day is a darling girl that works for one of Mr. Tang's companies here in Wujiang. She was given a very specific schedule to stick to for the day. We joked that we didn't want to get her fired, so we tried hard to stick to the schedule. Here is Danny enjoying a little american ice cream snack...sometimes the cravings are too great! And it was the first time we had seen a DQ and we couldn't believe there would be one in China!

The skyscraper skyline goes on and on and on! This is taken from the corner of "The People's Square" which seems to be right in the middle.

This is the opera house. We were hoping to go inside, but they were only open on Mondays from 1-3:30 or some crazy schedule like that!

This a view of the Huangpu River. The other side is the Pudong area. It was NOT part of our agenda, so we got to view it from "The Bund"...the street that is famous for it's colonial style buildings.

This is Nanjing road. It reminded us of Michigan Ave in Chicago. It was about 2 miles of shopping. Every store imaginable. Some very high fashion, and some not so fashionable. We didn't really feel a need to do too much shopping of this sort, but it was sure interesting to watch people.

The one annoying thing was every few minutes we were stopped by someone asking "You want to buy a watch, a bag? Cheap,cheap" When we would say no, they would go over to poor Amber and try to get her to translate how great of prices and selection they had. If you did say yes, they would take you off one of the small alley ways to their shop onto a stinky smelling street like this:

In the Yu Yuan shopping area with all of the fantastic old style chinese architecture, there was a cultural demonstration going on. There were costumes from the various regions and music and dance. We had to leave when one lady started singing in that high, whiney chinese voice that you may have heard. Even Amber didn't like it, so I didn't feel bad.

And even amidst the Chinese culture and products in abudance, what shopping area would be incomplete with out a Starbucks!

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