Thursday, October 16, 2008

Ni Hao

Hello from China!
After a long plane ride on a 747 (first time for both of us) we made it to Shanghai last night. We missed a day somewhere in the air and are now a half day ahead of all of you in the US. We were picked up from the airport and driven to Wujiang, about 90 minutes away. We were told it was a small town, but it really isn't small. We are staying in the guest house of Mr Tang's home. It is above the garage and is really a nice 3 bed 2 bath apartment. We both fell asleep easily (even though the mattress is very firm). This morning we woke up and had breakfast (oh boy: it was a buffet at the hotel, and I wasn't feeling quite adventurous this early in the morning. Maybe tomorrow, and I will take some photos)
Danny had a good therapy session with Mr Tang, and then we went off on a walking tour of the city. There is an outdoor shopping mall close by. You could find just about anything you need...except a size 7 Nike running shoe. (I left mine at home) They had plenty of size 4.5..too bad my parents didn't bind my feet when I was young. Danny also had quite a hard time finding a jacket that was long enough for his gigantor arms! The nice guy went sprinting back to the back of the store and brought back a 3X that did the trick! Here are some photos from the morning.
Here is the lunch we had today at McDonalds. It looks better in the picture than it tasted.
Here are some pictures of our apartment.

Here are some pictures from the outdoor shopping area in Wujiang.
It was interesting that often the girls walk holding hands or arms.

This guy was selling tiny turtles in front of McDonalds . . . I wonder???


Amy said...

i was just about to turn off the computer and saw that you posted! I'm glad you both arrived safe and sound. looks like you are living in the lap of luxury, does mr. tang need any projects planned? maybe i could join him on his next voyage :) i am a bit disappointed in the first day mcdonalds run, but i guess when the food looks like that, it's still a cultural experience!! love you two, miss you... have fun!

Rachel said...

You've gone to China??! How exciting!! I can't wait to hear about your adventures! Have fun!!

Kath said...

How fun! I'm glad you made it there safely. I'm so looking forward to hearing about your "chinese food" experiences. PLEASE, please take pictures.
Can't wait to hear/see more.
Love you!

Staying Young in Vegas said...

Amy I know it is disappointing that we chose mickey D's, but Mr Tang told us we needed to try we did as we were told! Last night dinner, and today lunch were much more authentic, even down to the chopsticks! More on food later

Kari said...

How exciting!! What exactly is your purpose in China? It sounds like a very educational experience. What a different culture. I can't wait to read more about it. Miss you guys!! Enjoy your vacation :)


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