Monday, October 6, 2008


So after a LONG break from blogging, we are back! There are a zillion things we didn't blog, so we will start with a few of them. I am just figuring out some blog features, one of which is the photo slideshows. We got so excited we made 3 to start out. If they stop showing pictures, just refresh your page, or you can click "View all images". You can also add to the gallery, if you have any photos that coincide...let me know!

We took a great summer trip in July. It started with Suzanne running a half marathon in Bryce Canyon. Sorry there are no pictures...Danny didn't get there in time. No more guilt trips needed. Here are a few more highlights:
* Hiking in Bryce Canyon
*Danny biking in Bryce
*A great 6 mile hike to a waterfall somewhere in Canyonlands
*Dead Horse Point
*River Rafting in Moab
*Mountain biking with all four of us
*Mosquitoes (oh how we miss them)
*Reunion in Kolob
*Hiking the NARROWS
*Driving through Zion
*Camping with the fam for 10 days!!!
It was a great we would repeat every year-who's in for 2009?

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Amy said...

cute pics of a fun summer!!


Danny and Friends Mountain Biking